7 of the Best Things to do on Holiday in Devon

The beautiful rolling countryside and awe-inspiring coastal scenery of of Devon in South West England offer the perfect chance to visitors to sit back, take a deep breath of fresh, country air, and relax. Which is not to say Devon is entirely tranquil: there are plenty of fast-paced activities for adrenaline junkies, plus exciting nightlife in the cities. There is also an abundance of amazing places to stay including hotels, campsites, holiday parks and many fantastic Devon holiday cottages by the sea for self-catering independence. All-in-all Devon is a fantastic travel destination and a holiday hotspot for visitors from within the UK and from other countries too. Here are seven of the best things to discover and experience while on holiday in Devon.

Brixham Devon on the coast

1. Visit Greenway House & Garden

The most popular novelist who ever lived, Agatha Christie enjoyed a summerhouse in Devon where she and her family would spend long, lazy summers. The house and its grounds are now operated by the National Trust, and guests are welcome to come in and spend an afternoon exploring the place where so many Poirot and Miss Marple mysteries were conceived. Even if you’re not a Christie fan, it is one of the most beautiful places in Devon and a perfect way to spend a relaxed afternoon.

2. Go surfing or even skiing

Devon enjoys both a North and South coast, both of which are a Mecca for British surfers. Along both coasts you’ll find any number of operators who can rent you equipment for surfing, windsailing and many other water sports. But if you don’t want to get your hair wet, you can head over to Plymouth Ski and Snowboard Centre for some indoor thrills on an artificial slope.

3. Visit a famous zoo

If you’ve seen the movie We Bought A Zoo with Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson, you’ll be familiar with Dartmoor Zoological Park. There’s an incredible story behind this wildlife sanctuary that is home to over 200 big cats as well as many other mammals, and it’s all located just a 15-minute drive outside Plymouth. Ideal for families, the zoo is filled with plenty of activities for kids.

4. Enjoy sunshine and nightlife on the English Riviera

Based around the town of Torquay, the self-styled English Riviera on Devon’s South coast offers a continental experience in the heart of Blighty. Sunbathe on lush beaches during the day, enjoy fine cuisine in some world-class restaurants, and later on you can enjoy the achingly cool nightlife in the city. Torquay itself, which will be familiar to fans of the old sitcom Fawlty Towers, is rated as one of the best travel destinations in the world by TripAdvisor. Nearby Paignton prides itself on being one of the friendliest towns in the region, with plenty of old-fashioned charm, while Brixham’s harbour makes it popular with sailors, as well as an incredible place to dine on seafood.

5. Walk the South West Coast Path

For a ramble to really get the blood going, take a stroll along the South West Coast Path. Voted Britain’s best walk by no less an institution than Walk Magazine, the full journey is a knee-trembling 630 miles, taking you all along Devon’s southern coast, along the whole of Cornwall, and then back up along North Devon. Obviously, you don’t need to do the whole thing, and can enjoy any part of the walk by itself, with beautiful scenery, stunning wildlife, and handy amenities along the way.

6. Enjoy a quirky Devon pastime

“Letterboxing” may not be something that you’ve heard of, but it’s a popular tradition in Devon that has gradually spread out to the rest of the world. It’s quite like orienteering, where you must follow maps and clues to find locations on the moors. When you reach a destination, you’ll find a stamp which you can use to stamp your card to prove that you found the letterbox, plus a visitor’s book that you can sign. There are several online forums with information about letterboxing meets, and it’s a wonderful way to explore the beautiful moors.

7. See the wildlife of Lundy

Known by some as “the Galapagos of Britain”, Lundy is a small natural rocky outcrop that’s home to extraordinary marine and bird life. Carefully preserved and managed, there’s plenty to do around here including tours of the area that allow you to get up close to the animals, all done in a responsible way that will appeal to all ecotourists. A beautiful sight, this is not just a treasure of Devon but of the whole of Britain.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting sun holiday, or a peaceful and relaxing vacation amongst stunning natural beauty, Devon has it all. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Devon and prepare to be amazed by this first-class UK travel destination.

UK Tourism Hotspots for Family Vacations

Everyone needs a vacation. If you want one with your family, here are some delightful places for you to visit in the UK. Planning the vacation begins when you abandon purpose; holidays are meant to be fun. These UK tourism hotspots provide a blend of natural beauty of landscape with cultural extravaganza.


First time visitors on their vacation to UK should visit these tourist hotspots.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey has seen coronations of all the kings since 1066. It is also a venue for weddings of the royal family including the present Queen with HRH Duke of Edinburgh. The latest royal wedding between the Duke of Cambridge and his queen the Duchess also took place here.

Madame Tussauds

Tourists love to do something different, and one can find many UK tourism hotspots that cater to this need. Madame Tussauds is one such spot where one can find wax statues of all famous personalities in the world.

Tower of London

Fortress famed through out the world, Tower of London served as a prison, zoo, armory and palace. Today one can see the Crown Jewels and hear stories about unsavory characters that were imprisoned there once.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is official residence of Queen of England. Visitors are welcomed during the months of August, September to visit the palace. One gets to see its State Rooms and its Garden along with some treasure from Royal Collection. Its changing of guards is also quite splendid.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh castle is located on top of now extinct volcano. It was once chief royal castle of Scotland during the Middle Ages. One can see the Stone of Destiny and Crown Jewels of Scotland here.

St Paul’s Cathedral

This cathedral has seen plenty of action in UK history including marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. It has a spectacular dome and 237 steps leading to its top. Even more special is its crypt buried below the structure.

Understanding the need of the tourists, tourist operators pack plenty of action and variety in the travel itineraries of those on their family vacation to the UK. You get the best thrill for the entire family on their UK vacation on their tour of top UK tourism hotspots. You can see some places with cultural links to the past, such as these.

Flag Fen Archeology Park

Archeological site from Bronze Age shows how prehistoric people survived. Many remains from those ages exist today for visitors to relive that life of prehistoric people.

Hadrian Wall Path

National Trail is a challenge for modern long-distance walkers. It stretches across ominous crags, rivers and expansive countryside. It has remarkable engineering ingenuity and plenty of charming views for that tourist who is visiting UK with family.

Sutton Hoo

Discovered in 1930s by a treasure hunter, Sutton Hoo is a Saxon burial site containing precious jewels, ancient weapons and masks all inside a ship. Since it was a grave of an important king authorities kept the whole thing secret until recently. An exciting site for children to visit, it brings alive their treasure hunting stories alive.

Arbeia Roman Fort

This was a garrison built for Hadrian’s Wall in its eastern end it became an important strategic center for the Roman Empire. One can see what role the ancient Britain played in Roman expansion plans.


One can find items discovered from Danebury at Andover’s museum. This hill fort from Iron Age is one very exciting place for tourist visiting UK for their family vacation. It shows in depth how people fought and died in war and various methods of security they employed. Today all is quiet near those hidden gateways and fortifications but one can still get a feeling of battle within those walls.

Make your holiday destination as pleasant as your dreams; during this holiday season live it up with a trip to UK. UK is a conglomeration of variety and unique harmony of culture. One can see the reflection of this aspect in its many castles and museums. The hill forts are numerous. You will find some others too worth a visit given in this list below.


Circular arrangement of stones, a monument that depicts spirituality or was it something else? It has a smaller circle of blue stones surrounding the monument. The mystery lures more visitors who are visiting UK tourism hotspots by the day.

Windsor Castle

It has a tag as most favorite residence of the Queen. It is to date the oldest occupied castle. You also get to see Drawing Gallery, St. George’s Chapel, and resplendent State Apartments.

London Eye

Tallest Ferris Wheel in Europe, London Eye when constructed was tallest worldwide. The wheel is 394’ in diameter and has an overall height of 443’.

Cutty Sark

Museum ship from 1954, this clipper attracts thousands of tourists visiting UK tourism hotspots.

Big Ben

Most famous landmark of England, Big Ben perches on a tower installed at their House of Parliament. The clock is 23’ in diameter. This four-faced clock has been working since 1858.

Royal Observatory Greenwich

This observatory is located beside River Thames in Greenwich Park. Commissioned by King Charles II in 1675, it serves as a standard for time the world over. However, today it is only a tourist attraction a place to visit for those on a holiday to UK because they have relocated all scientific studies to a new place.

Having got set for your family vacation, you should get busy packing your bags. The UK tourism hotspots are ready waiting for you and your family. Enjoy your outing and keep smiling. See VisitBritain for more ideas on UK holiday and tourism destinations.

Cornwall Cottages are Perfect for Family Holidays

Cool Cornwall in the UK’s far south west has picturesque beach towns, beautiful coastline, excellent sandy beaches, rugged high cliffs, windy moors and forests to experience on holiday. It is an excellent area to see, with its array of natural, historic locations and modern visitor attractions. It’s little wonder that families regularly choose Cornwall for their summer holidays.

Scenic fishing village of Mousehole, Cornwall in the West Country, England

Among the best places in Cornwall to stay are Falmouth, Penzance, Bude, Porthtowan, St Ives, Looe and Saltash. At these and many other quality destinations you will discover beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery, amazing attractions and fantastic food and dining. It really is a cool place for a holiday, especially for the annual family trip. There are many fine Cornwall holiday cottages, which are perfect for families, couples or groups of friends. With these self-catering cottages you have your own home-away-from-home and a superb location to explore all the charm that Cornwall possesses.

With its mild weather, the Cornish peninsula boasts subtropical gardens which inspire and impress individuals. Its high cliffs are natural destinations worth the journey alone. With its location at the far fringes of mainland Britain, this finger of land is juts into the wild Atlantic Ocean and verged on its north eastern edge by the River Tamar. This assists to offer Cornwall it’s own character and culture, and an actual sense of pride and self-reliance in its individuals.

All this makes Cornwall a much and unique enjoyed holiday location for vacationers from the UK and lots of countries worldwide. It is consistently voted the UK’s leading traveler area. It’s a strikingly spectacular destination with its own easygoing culture and dreamy atmosphere.

Cornwall has rich Celtic heritage with lots of standing stones and monoliths from its days as a remote area far from English rule. It is at Tintagel where the legend of King Arthur was born. And there are Celtic crosses and monoliths to check out everywhere.

During the industrial revolution Cornwall turned into one of the nation’s vital areas as its production of tin and clay were exported worldwide for the production of commercial products. The residues of these industries can be seen dotted around the landscape. The noticeable lays out of tin mining engine houses are obviously all over and for life associated with the county of Cornwall. And it’s this human communication with the landscape and environment that is now secured in numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the county.

Despite it’s industrial past, Cornwall remains a untainted and rural destination. There are still wild, wilderness locations and sensational countryside to check out and farming stays a big part of the economy here. If you step far from the towns and towns, and frantic coastlines, to find the interior, you will discover yourself in a landscape untouched by time and efficient and raw in its impressive beauty.

It is a rural area with a laid-back environment, you must not be mistaken for thinking Cornwall is old-fashioned. Recently Cornwall has actually gone with a little a revival and wind up being a bit of a trendy place, with a huge range of stylish hotels, fine dining establishments, art galleries, cool stores and hip bars, coffee bar’s and dining establishments opening up in all corners of Cornwall.

Whatever you choose to d and see in Cornwall, you will hot be disappointed by a holiday or trip to this tourism destination. It is full of wonder and fun.  If you choose not to stay in a cottage, there are plenty of other accommodation options including campsites, guest houses and boutique hotels. Many of these have seaviews or are close to the beach and the myriad of marvellous tourist attractions for you and your family’s amusement.